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Low-Stress Holidays – Tips for Every Business Consultant

by admin on November 29, 2012

As a business consultant, you are sure to have realized that things are a little different around the workplace lately.  Most likely this is due to the holidays.  During the holidays, there is a lot that must be coordinated.  In addition to normal workload and daily tasks, there are typically several employees off work, which means that others may be picking up the slack.  Additionally, there are office parties and end of the year business to be conducted.  Every business consultant is likely to be feeling work-related stress.

Keeping the workplace low-stress and running smoothly during the holidays can take some work.  Here are some tips for helping to keep the workplace smooth and un-stressed during the holiday season:

Be Flexible –A happy employee makes a productive employee.  If you have employees that need to be off during the holidays to accommodate religious and family functions, be flexible.  Just be sure to let the person that is covering the extra tasks know that they are covering so that important tasks and jobs are not overlooked.

Prioritize – Realize that not everything will be done, especially with multiple people off during various times throughout the holidays. Prioritize what needs to be done and make sure those are done and consider the rest a bonus. Don’t stress when everything isn’t the same as it was before the holidays.

Block Out Time – Block out time for projects and make sure you use that time wisely. Making sure you have a plan can help you accomplish that to-do list that every business consultant has but can help you stay on track while still enjoying a relaxed pace during the holidays.

Don’t Over Commit – The cardinal sin of the holiday season for every business consultant is over committing. You can only do so much. You have your own holiday traditions and vacations to worry about as well.  Be sure to not over commit yourself, your co-workers, or your business during the holiday season so you can enjoy it as well.

Relax and Enjoy – Don’t forget to relax and enjoy yourself. You are sure to enjoy your own holiday, and make the holiday better for your employees and co-workers, if you relax and try to enjoy the holiday season a little.  Just ensure that the important stuff is taken care of.  You can gear up for the new year after the holidays have passed.

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