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Using Mock Interviews to Prepare for Your Business Consulting Interview

by admin on April 30, 2012

When preparing for your business consulting job interview, a great way to get prepared is by doing mock interview. Mock interview give you a chance to practice professional responses, body language and non-verbal communication, and controlling filler (“ums” and “ya knows”). A mock interview also allows you to become more comfortable with the interview process as a whole.

Here are some ways to practice for your next business consulting interview:

  • Practice in Front of a Mirror – Practice answering question in front of a mirror. Watch how you sit, stand, use body language and hand movements. Listen carefully to how you speak and use filler words. Watch your facial expressions. Though not considered the truest representation of how you would interview, it is better than no mock interviewing practice at all.
  • Record your Interview – It can be very helpful to record yourself doing an interview. Watching yourself will allow you to see your body language that is too much, show you if you use fillers such as “um” repeatedly, and see what you are doing well, which will increase your self-confidence.
  • Have a Friend Interview You – Having a friend interview you can help you feel more confident and prepared.  Allowing yourself an opportunity to practice your interviewing skills will help you feel more ready for your next business interview.

Even if you are a veteran interviewee, keeping your interview skills fresh, staying in practice, and reviewing how you speak can be very helpful. Your interview is usually your only time to show what you have to offer in person. Be sure to be well prepared and self-confident. Mock interview can help you with being prepared and confident which can lead to business consulting interview success.

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